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Aspen Investment Forum: Global Investment Expertise for Social Fundraising

Speakers: Gregory J. Nowak and Brian S. Korn

January 6-7, 2014

Brian Korn and Gregory J. Nowak will be presenting at the Aspen Investment Forum: Global Investment Expertise for Social Fundraising.

The passage of the JOBS Act has created new opportunities in the private investments industry. This legislation has resulted in high expectations and many concerns. Over last couple months there has been two major developments: in September, an 80 year long ban on general solicitation was removed. Now small businesses, investment funds, real estate developers can openly promote their projects to investors. Then in October the SEC voted on the rules for crowdfunding to allow non-accredited investors to participate. Outside of the legal battles there have been many new developments, including the emergence of new crowd-funding portals, interesting coalitions and entrance into the industry of established financial institutions and global corporations. Forum attendees will have an opportunity to learn from the experienced industry leaders about the happenings and future trends as well as how they can benefit from the changes in the securities law.

Mr. Korn will present the panel entitled “Equity Crowdfunding Legal Landscape: What’s Allowed and What’s Not.” Mr. Nowak will present on the panel entitled “Equity Crowdfunding for Institutional Investors and Financial Advisors.”