Careers: Partners

If you are interested in joining the Pepper team or for more information, contact:

Karen A. Andersen
Chief Lateral Partner Recruitment Officer

Pepper is committed to strategic growth through the addition of lateral partners who embrace our values of excellence in lawyering and focusing the practice of law on the client. Through adherence to our strategic plans we have developed a compelling intersection of client centered culture and profitability that makes us an attractive platform for laterals who share our visions. We are actively seeking to expand in a number of practice areas, and in certain key geographic locations.

If you are looking for a new professional home, consider Pepper Hamilton. At a time when many law firms are retrenching, Pepper is financially sound and is expanding. Pepper offers lateral attorneys the powerful combination of a strong national platform poised for growth, a culture that embraces and rewards lateral attorneys who can contribute to the firm’s success, and a place where being a partner means exactly that – each partner is committed to his or her colleagues, the firm, and to the success of our clients.