Commercial Litigation

LEADERSHIP: Brian P. Downey, Joanna J. Cline and Angelo A. Stio III

Our "trial-ready" approach and experience benefits clients in many ways:

  • Better results. Preparation counts — in and out of the courtroom. We are adept at responding to emergencies, such as preliminary injunctions, and we are capable of taking over a case handled by another firm on the eve of trial.
  • Sound business decisions. The decision to settle or go to verdict is a tough call — often one of the most difficult decisions a company can make. It’s about what is best for the company and the motivations and desired outcomes of all parties involved. Through our experience with hundreds of high-stakes, “bet the company” cases, we can better explain options for resolution, conduct a thorough and objective risk analysis, and help clients reach the best decision for their business.
  • Improved settlement negotiations. Our experience and success — as well as our determined advocacy of and preparation for our client’s case from start to finish — is well known to opposing counsel. Our tactics help to resolve cases faster and at less cost than wasted motions and heated rhetoric.
  • Efficiency. Staffing each case with the right people — those with experience in your particular issue — saves time and money. We also focus on pre-trial strategies that are most likely to resolve matters in your favor before trial or to reduce the issues we take to trial.