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1/28/2015 Virtual Currency, Real Risks Financial Services Alert - January 28, 2015 
1/28/2015 The Risk Retention Rules: A Victory for Securitizations Involving Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities? Financial Services Alert - January 28, 2015 
1/28/2015 Proposed Rule Regarding Fire Safety Equipment Loans, Office of Residential Care Facilities (ORCF), January 14, 2015 LEAN Update - January 28, 2015 
1/26/2015 Testing the Privacy Waters: Does Recent FCC Privacy Enforcement Signal the Reclassification of Broadband Internet Service Providers as Common Carriers?  
1/23/2015 Privacy and Data Security 2015: President Obama’s Mandate for a Strong Tight-Knit Legislative Framework Client Alert - January 23, 2015 
1/21/2015 Wage and Hour Issues in 2015 Pepper@Work - January 21, 2015 
1/21/2015 Chapter 11 Plan Assumes Medicare, Medicaid Provider Agreements  
1/20/2015 Description of the Small Business Investment Company Debenture Program  
1/20/2015 Description of the Small Business Investment Company Early State SBIC Program  
1/16/2015 Small Business Administration Issues Call for Early Stage Managers Client Alert - January 16, 2015 

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