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4/9/2014 Securities and Exchange Commission Creates New Private Fund Unit Dedicated to Examination of Private Equity and Hedge Funds Client Alert - April 9, 2014 
4/9/2014 New Jersey Federal Court Upholds the FTC’s Authority to Regulate Data Security Privacy and Security Client Alert - April 9, 2014 
4/9/2014 President Obama Takes Two Executive Actions Aimed at Promoting Equal Pay for Employees of Federal Contractors Pepper@Work - April 9, 2014 
4/8/2014 Practice ‘Bring Your Own Device’? Here’s How to Avoid Legal Trouble  
4/7/2014 Long Time Coming: United States Wins First Extradition on Antitrust Charge Client Alert - April 7, 2014 
4/3/2014 Observation 1.3 on the Volcker Rule: What Fund Managers Need to Know About the Volcker Rule Impact on Client Bank Investors Client Alert - April 3, 2014 
4/3/2014 Are You Ready for Your Next Audit? Pepper@Work - April 3, 2014 
3/31/2014 Final Regulations Released Revising the Tax Treatment of Sales-Based Royalties and Vendor Allowances Tax Update - Volume 2014, Issue 3  
3/31/2014 New IRS Guidance Offers Insight Regarding Covered Transactions Under the Transaction Cost Regulations Tax Update - Volume 2014, Issue 3  
3/28/2014 Complying with the Tangible Property Regulations – Procedural Guidance Provides Favorable Rules that Require Immediate Consideration Tax Update - Volume 2014, Issue 3  

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