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Timothy R. McTaggart

Timothy R. McTaggart is a partner in the Washington office of Pepper Hamilton LLP. Mr. McTaggart focuses his practice on bank and financial services regulatory matters. He also assists financial services clients on transactional and enforcement issues. Earlier in his career, Mr. McTaggart served as the Delaware State Bank Commissioner (1994-1999) and as counsel to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee (1991-1994).

Mr. McTaggart has represented clients before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the federal bank regulatory agencies, including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, as well as various state banking departments across the country.

As the Delaware State Bank Commissioner, Mr. McTaggart supervised and set policy for retail banks, trust companies, wholesale banks, credit card banks, saving banks, mortgage companies and other financial services companies with operations in Delaware and across the nation. He also was responsible for administering escheat laws and the bank franchise tax applicable to all financial institutions operating in Delaware.

Mr. McTaggart started his legal career in the Legal Division of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Mr. McTaggart writes and speaks extensively on bank regulation, consumer financial services issues, and corporate law issues pertaining to financial services firms, including mobile banking, Volcker Rule compliance, peer-to-peer lending, risk management, investment and merger/transactional matters. Mr. McTaggart also has spoken at recent conferences on various topics such as social media regulatory issues, private equity investment in banks, FDIC brokered deposits requirements, Community Reinvestment Act regulatory matters, M&A due diligence, privacy, bank AML and other compliance issues, data regulation and security, trust law developments and health savings accounts.

A leader in the bar and the community, Mr. McTaggart served as chair of the Trust and Investment Services Subcommittee of the American Bar Association’s Banking Law Committee from 2004-2007, and previously served as that Subcommittee’s vice chair from 2001-2004. He also served as a director of the Harvard Club of Washington, D.C., and has served as a director of various nonprofit educational and cultural organizations in Washington, D.C., and Wilmington, Delaware.

Mr. McTaggart was named to the 2010 Legal Elite list by Washington SmartCEO magazine.

J.D. 1985 Harvard Law School
A.B. 1982, cum laude, Harvard University

Bar Admissions
Admitted to practice in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts

Timothy R. McTaggart
Phone: 202.220.1210
Fax: 202.220.1665
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Washington, D.C.

Practice Area(s)
Commercial Financial Services

Community Reinvestment Act
Consumer Financial Services

Financial Services
Financial Services Enforcement Response Team

Marketplace Lending

Privacy, Security and Data Protection
Securities and Financial Services Enforcement Group

Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Practice


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