About Pepper Hamilton LLP
About Pepper Hamilton LLP

Sustainability at Pepper

For many years various attorneys and staff members within the firm have worked to adopt more environmentally friendly business practices, not because they had to, but because they felt it was the right thing to do. Over the past year we have put a plan in place to take those values and put them into action to improve the entire firm's sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. These values are rooted in the belief that our law practice does impact the environment and our efforts can make a difference.

Pepper worked with Sustainable Advantage LLC to analyze and evaluate our current practices and develop a list of recommendations. The outcome was a comprehensive and practical blueprint for on-going sustainability activities within the firm, including short- and longer-term sustainability initiatives. The firm has begun implementing these internal sustainability activities including, but not limited to, elements of the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge and ABA Model Sustainability Policy Program. The firm also is developing the ability to quantify future impacts of these sustainability elements.

We are currently in the process of applying for the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge. We have adopted a formal Sustainability Policy based upon the Triple Bottom Line of social, economic and environmental responsibility. Adopting this program is a recognition by the firm that its true success is measured by more than mere economics, but also by its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. To lead this effort, a firm-wide Sustainability Committee was formed and "Green Teams" and "Green Stewards" in each of its offices. These combined efforts enable the firm's executive management to make practical decisions regarding additional sustainability related investments. We look forward to reporting on our progress.

To assist our clients who also are addressing sustainability issues, Pepper launched its Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Team. The Team is made up of lawyers from many diverse practice groups. Our team approach allows us to advise clients on a broad range of issues, including environmental, intellectual property, tax, corporate and securities, finance, real estate, and energy issues. The Team provides legal services to clients in a multitude of industries focusing their efforts on elements of sustainability, from alternative energy suppliers, technology developers to international manufacturers.

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